The places and opportunities for Ready to Root kits are endless. That being said, different strategies are helpful depending on the circumstance. Listed below are some helpful suggestions depending on your situation. Tag us in the wild with #rooted. Have a tip? Email us :

Pack it in/ Pack it out: while this phrase is bursting at the seams with innuendo, the true intentions are part of Ready to Root's mission. Each kit comes in a resealable bag so that regardless of where your adventure takes you, there's no need to leave any trace of your sexy leftovers. After you've used a product, carefully put it back in the bag, seal it, and continue on your adventure. Dispose of when there's a trash handy.

Tent/RV: empty out the kit contents into one of the side pockets or close by. After using each item, carefully put it back into the bag. Seal the bag back up and bask in your sexy tent vibe.

Music Festival/ Weekend Retreat: if you're using the Expedition kit for a longer getaway, empty all contents in an easily accessible area, or keep one of everything on your for when the mood is right. Put all used products back in the kit bag and reseal between roots. 

Airport/Train Station: empty out kit contents into a shirt pocket or divvy up between partners to hold. If there's a trash handy, put each used item away or put everything back into the Ready to Root bag, seal it, and dispose of when it's convenient.

Carnival/Renaissance Fair: shirt pockets, cowboy hat brims or costume accessories make for great storage as you work through the kit. Keep your resealable bag handy and use it to put all used items back in; don't kill the vibe with your litter - condoms looked very different in the 1550s.

Hiking/Geocaching: if you're on the trail, make very sure that you're well hidden (otherwise it could become a criminal offense). Strategically lay out kit contents on a convenient flat rock or leaf lined forest floor. Remember to put all used items back into the resealable bag and dispose of at the end of your hike. Mother Earth has enough on her plate - she doesn't need your seeds or soil.