”Consent is a clear, happy, excited “yes!” Anything else is NOT consent. Consent is when a person freely agrees to something. When it comes to sex, consent is mandatory, every time. Consent is when someone agrees to do something sexual with you — whether it’s kissing, touching, oral sex, vaginal sex, or anal sex. Before doing any of those things, it needs to be totally clear that both people involved want it.

Asking for consent isn’t hard or awkward. In fact, it makes doing sexy stuff less awkward and less confusing because when there’s clear consent, you know for sure that the person you’re with is down to do the same thing you are. Consent is: freely given, reversible, informed, enthusiastic, and specific.” - Planned Parenthood; this page and helpful video can be found here.

”COVID-19 isn’t a sexually transmitted infection. So far there’s no evidence that it’s spread through semen (cum) or vaginal fluids. But you can get COVID-19 if you’re within 6 feet of someone who has it when they cough, sneeze, or breathe out. And COVID-19 is also spread through direct contact with saliva (spit) or mucus. So intimate activities that involve being physically close to someone, or coming into contact with their spit — like kissing — can easily spread COVID-19.

Some people with COVID-19 might not have symptoms, or their symptoms may be mild. So you can’t know for sure if someone has COVID-19 based on how they look or feel.” – Planned Parenthood; for this page and more information on sex and sexual health during the COVID-19 pandemic, click here.

STIs (sexually transmitted infections; formerly known as an STD - sexually transmitted disease) are infectious diseases that spread from one person to another through any type of sexual contact. “Since many STIs don’t show any obvious signs or symptoms, at least at first, it’s important to take precautions to protect yourself and your partner and to get tested regularly. .

Prevention is key; talking about STIs and safe sex with every partner so that you can protect one another, checking that you are up-to-date with vaccinations against Hepatitis and HPV, and using condoms and/or oral dams are all good ways to protect yourself and your partner.” – Sex & U; for this page and more information about specific STIs, click here.

“How often you get tested will depend on many factors. A good general rule is to get tested every time you switch partners and before engaging in sex with your new boo. If you are with the same partner for a long time and don’t have any concerns around sharing needles or tattooing equipment, getting tested every year is another great rule of thumb. It’s important that you don’t wait until you see or experience symptoms of an STI because so many are asymptomatic and can still be passed on even without showing any signs of infection.

Another great option is to make testing a routine part of your health care. If you’re used to going to the dentist or to see your family doctor once a year, make STI testing just another regular part of taking care of yourself.

Going with a group or friends or with your partner is a great way to normalize STI testing, create a routine, and even incorporate it into part of your relationships. There is nothing to be ashamed of in getting tested. In fact, quite the opposite, it shows that you take good care of yourself and those around you.” – Action Canada; for this page or to find Sexual Health Services near you, click here.

While having sex outside isn’t illegal per se, there are consequences (and benefits!) to having sex in public.

“Essentially it’s got to be done in the presence of one or more other persons [for it to be considered an offence], and that doesn’t include the people who are committing the act, obviously,” Hebscher told HuffPost Canada.

“If it’s done in the presence of one or more other persons, or there’s a reasonable likelihood that it’s going to be seen by one or more other persons” then you’ll be in trouble with the law, he explains.

That means couples can be charged with an indecent act under section 173 of the Criminal Code of Canadaif they have sex within public view.” – for the full article “You CAN Have Sex Outdoor Sex In Canada, But There’s A Catch, click here.

NHS : The National Health Service. While this is a site from the UK, it does provide answers to some common sexual health questions in an easy-to-read format.

Action Canada : This website is a great resources for Canadians looking for more information on Sexually Transmitted Infections, Sexual Education, and knowing what rights you have about your sexual and reproductive health.

Sex & U : A slightly more clinical perspective, this website is created with the OBGYNS in Canada. They have incredible resources to learn about your body, sexual activity, LGBTQ+, contraception, consent and so much more.

Sex Etc. : This website is geared towards teens who might not have received some pivotal information from their sexual education class, who are dipping their toes in the pond of sexuality. There’s sex ed videos, slang terms and sexual vocabulary, and an interesting blog to peruse.

Sexual Health Ontario : For those in Ontario, there is a clinic finder if you need help locating a Sexual Health Clinic. There’s also a chat function and general information on Sexual Health, STIs, and Reproductive Health.

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